The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project is an all volunteer effort that strives to encourage self-education among prisoners in the United States. By providing free reading materials upon request, we hope to aid in the rehabilitation process and stimulate critical thinking behind bars.


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     The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project is an all-volunteer effort that strives to encourage self-education among prisoners in the United States. By providing free reading materials upon request, we hope to promote rehabilitation and reintegration rather than punishment, and to stimulate critical thinking behind bars.
     The project exists to alleviate pain, boredom, and attrition and to provide a direct opportunity for self-education. Additionally, we exist because prison libraries sometimes fail in this respect: they are understocked or are only able to be patronized during specific and limited hours.
     We exist because prisoners are not strangers: they are brothers sisters, friends, cousins, mothers, and children.

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Zine Distro

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Cataloging over 115 zines--on topics including prison reform and abolition, queer rand trans issues, radical history, and texts from Indiana prisoners-- the zine distro is intended to compliment the work already being done by Pages by offering literature to those seeking specifically political material.
To give an idea of the intentions of the project, here is a quote from the introduction to the project on the catalog:
Prison is an isolating place. Communication with the outside world is limited; collaboration amongst inmates scarce. This project, being offered to prisoners in Indiana through the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project, is an attempt to break down walls of silence, to encourage communication and mutually supported learning.

We offer the pamphlets in this catalog free of charge with the hopes that the material will challenge and inspire, that discussions will be had and relationships will be developed.

This catalog is an invitation tocorrespondence based on a shared experience of having read a text. That is, we hope that you will write us back after you’ve read one of these pieces so that we can talk about the material. Pass it on to someone else and we can all talk about it together. Let’s explore the different themes enveloped in these writings and strike out newterritory in our own thinking and understanding of the world.
For people interested in getting involved, there are many ways this can happen.There will be the tasks of opening letters and filling orders, printing and restocking zines, and engaging prisoners in correspondence when they write wanting to talk about a specific piece. To that end, there is a library of the zines housed at Pages for people to "check out" and read, in case they haven’t already.
If you have any questions on how to become involved, have extra print quota for printing zines, want a copy of the catalog to send to someone you know in an Indiana prison, please email or stop by Pages anytime.
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U.S. incarceration data, state by state

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Hunger Strike at Pelican Bay State

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Sign petition and/or get more info.
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June 23rd, 2011--Pack-a-thon (Write-a-thon)!

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WHEN: June 23, 2011, from 12 noon to 12 midnight.
WHO: Anyone who wants to participate!
WHAT: To catch up on requests that have accumulated during the winter and spring, we are having a PACKATHON from 12 pm June 23 to 12 am June 24. If you'd like to help, swing by our place (118 S. Rogers Street, Suite #2, the corner of Rogers and 4th) at any time that night and stay for however long you like! Bring friends, bring coffee, bring friends with coffee and help us pack up books to send to inmates around the nation. Hope to see you there!

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How to Start a Prison Book Program

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How to start a books to prison program link.
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Rock 'n' Roll Prom 2010!

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Support Pages at the Naughty or Nice Party: Friday, December 18, 9:30 pm

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3rd Annual Naughty or Nice Party!
A benefit for Boxcar Books and The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project
Friday, December 18th
At The Bluebird
Doors at 9:30pm. $5 per person
DJs, Photobooth, Dancing, Burlesque!


You've been good all year, now it's time to get hot and sweaty at Boxcar's 3rd Annual Naughty or Nice Benefit! Fulfill your fantasies with Dirty Santa and Mrs. Claus at the $1 photobooth. Head to the Island of Misfit Toys with a sexy syndicate of DJs that will be providing the soundtrack to the night of your life! And a special performance by the Bloomington Burlesque Brigade will make you get everything you've ever wanted and more, all on Friday, December 18th at the Bluebird as a benefit for Boxcar Books and The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project!

  • DJ Dumptruck Molly
  • DJ Dreamboat
  • DJ Mason
  • DJ Amy Karr
  • DJ Amber Hansen
  • Performances by Velvet Cherry, Lolita Tart, Violet Phoenix & Tessa von Twinkle of the Bloomington Burlesque Brigade!
  • Dirty Santa and Mrs. Claus Photobooth as shot by Sara Baldwin-$1 per session!
  • Naughty or Nice Kissing Booth- choose your poison-$1 per smooch!
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New Video from Books to Prisoners in Seattle

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Check it out!
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During Indiana University's Fall and Spring semesters:
  • Mondays 7-9pm
  • Thursdays 7-10pm
  • Sundays 2-5pm
During Indiana University's Winter Break and Summer semesters:
  • Thursdays 7-9pm
  • Sundays 2-4pm
at 118 S. Rogers Suite #2 Bloomington, IN 47404 Please read our volunteering page for more information.


You can also support us by donating materials, books, and/or money. We are always in need of packing materials and reusable manilla envelopes. Please contact us before donating books. Checks can be made out to "Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project" and sent to or dropped off during normal business hours at Boxcar Books at 408 E. 6th St. Bloomington, IN 47408 You can donate to our project online using PayPal by clicking on the button below.


The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project
c/o Boxcar Books and Community Center, Inc.
118 S. Rogers
Suite 2
Bloomington, IN 47404

1.866.598.1543 (toll-free)

mwpp [at]


The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project would like to thank BookMooch for their generous support. BookMooch, an online community for exchanging used books, has generously donated points to us so we can request specific books from BookMooch members.

There are many other groups that work towards the same goals as the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project. Read more.

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Zine Distro

Starting this month, Midwest Pages to Prisoners is embarking on a new project aimed at making more available radical literature to prisoners in Indiana. The ‘zine distro’ will catalog over 115 zines on topics ranging from prison issues to queer and trans issues, from radical history to pieces written by prisoners in Indiana. The project is intended to compliment the work already being done by Pages by offering, on a smaller scale, literature more directed to people seeking specifically political material. Click here for more information.